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Get a Beautiful Yard Without All the Stress

Everyone wants a yard that will make their neighbors envious. But doing your own landscaping is time-consuming and stressful. If you’re looking for landscaping companies near Okemos & Williamston, MI, you can stop your search with AA+ Lawn & Landscape. We can design your dream yard and install all the necessary aspects to bring it to life. To learn more about our residential and commercial landscaping services, get in touch with us right away.


A few landscaping details can make a big impact on the appearance of your lawn. Our landscaping services can help you get the lawn of your dreams by installing:

  • Sod: Our team will install a healthy new lawn or improve an existing one.
  • Rocks/Mulch: We’ll take your old garden bed and give it new life.
  • Landscape Installation: Our team will create a beautiful, eye-catching landscape at your home or business location.
  • Landscape Lighting: Landscape lighting can transform your landscape after dark. A simple addition to your outdoor living space that creates dramatic flair.
  • Landscape Design: We offer landscape design and landscape consultation services to help create your dream outdoor space.
  • Brick Garden Edging: Stand out from the rest of the neighborhood with custom brick edging.

Don’t spend your free time searching for multiple landscaping companies to handle your yard. Schedule an appointment with our team today to get started.


Landscaping Dewitt MI Loves to See!

Have you ever driven past a front yard and slowed down to take in how appealing it looked? Chances are, whoever that homeowner hired and entrusted with their yard has some excellent landscaping skills.

At AA+ Lawn and Landscape, we are proud to have some of the best landscapers around who know what it means to build a beautiful yard that others in your neighborhood can admire. From beautiful stonework to the perfect placement of yard décor, we pay attention to excellent landscaping details. Suppose your front yard elements seem a bit chaotic. In that case, we want to encourage you to trust one of the best Lansing landscaping companies in the region.

Our landscaping experts have never seen a yard they did not love. The reason being is because of their ability to look at your yard’s current condition and see the potential in it. Seeing the potential of a yard is one reason we can provide top-notch landscaping services for your home. No matter what problem arises with the landscape of your yard, you can trust that we’ve got you covered. If you have been searching to find the perfect landscaping experts, look no further than AA+ Lawn and Landscape. 


The Landscape of Your New Home Needs the Highest Quality Lansing Lawn Service!

For our customers, receiving superior landscaping services is essential. Over time, we have built proven systems that help guarantee the best possible solution for your landscaping concerns. With our hard work and expertise, we know how to take the vision you have of your yard and make it into a reality. If you can dream it up, we can make it happen.

We frequently hear the stories of satisfied customers who were not sure at first whether they wanted to hire our team of landscaping professionals. It can be difficult trying to make the right choice for a landscaper, especially if you’ve had a poor experience with other landscaping Lansing MI companies.

However, because we value your satisfaction, we make sure that your experience with us is always a pleasant one. We do this by permitting you to let us know what you want and what you don’t want. You, as our customer, are free to be as specific as you’d like. Your landscape should be beautiful and a part of your home that you are proud of. We want you to enjoy the process of watching us finish the project as much as you will enjoy seeing your yard once everything is complete.

We all are familiar with the stress associated with finding the right person to complete your lawn maintenance Lansing MI design. However, this is not something you’ll experience while working with us. We love to provide a sense of relaxation by proving that we know what we are doing when we take on your home’s landscape. You deserve a landscape that is custom built with you and your home in mind. To do that, we rely on our years of experience with designing a landscape. We consider everything from the lowest level to the more advanced matters. 

Your Home is Our Canvas!

At its core, Lansing lawn care and landscaping is equal to art. Suppose you’ve ever watched an artist create a sculpture or a portrait artist design a painting. In that case, there is one thing that you will notice over and over again. Their level of focus is unmatched.

At AA+ Lawn and Landscape, we prioritize focus. We never begin a design project without paying attention to the details of your yard. We all know that not every home is the same. We consider many different factors when laying out the design strategy for your landscape. Factors like your home's location and the level of the surrounding land are all vital. We consider all these things and more when deciding how to best go about your lawn care Lansing MI project.

While we are confident in every landscaping project, we approach based on previous experiences. We know how vital uniqueness is when designing the landscape layout for your home in particular. Therefore, we don't base our design technique on your neighbors' homes, even if there are similarities. Instead, we approach your landscaping vision as if it is new to us. Our approach allows us to perfectly match whatever desires you have concerning your lawn's design without the finished product being too generic.Like a puzzle, our landscaping professionals know how your lawn's landscape can easily fit in perfectly with your home's location, design, and colors.

Our Dewitt Landscaping Experts Know the Importance of the Perfect Color Scheme

One of the mains keys to the perfectly designed landscape lies in your choice of colors for your lawn. If you are having a difficult time knowing which way to go when choosing the right colors, the first thing we suggest is taking a closer look at your home. The best place to start is by looking at colors that complement your home’s feel and style. For example, a dull-looking home that you want to elevate the appeal of could benefit from some neutral colors as well as brighter colors.

Lawn service East Lansing MI professionals recommend going with colors that can elevate your home’s look without completely contrasting it. Some homeowners make the mistake of thinking that they need the brightest colors they can find.  However, at AA+ Lawn and Landscape, we know that the best approach includes a mixture of both. We always encourage our customers to embrace balance when deciding what’s best for their landscape. We know you appreciate any advice we can give concerning your landscape design for our customers who would like our help but are not sure what they want.

How Do You I Find One of the Best Lansing Lawn Care Companies Near Me Who Will Listen?

We understand that to do a great job at pleasing our customers, we must first value their input and specific vision for the landscape of their home. This is why you will never encounter a landscaping professional at AA+ Lawn and Landscape who has not mastered the art of listening.

Our level of expertise comes in handy the most when working on completing your Lansing lawn and snow removal or landscaping project. However, when you tell us what you need and want, we would instead put our suggestions to the side until you feel heard and valued as a customer.

No matter how professional we are, the fact of the matter is that no one knows your home and your yard better than you do. We want to respect and honor your preferences because they are essential in completing a satisfactory job for you. 

Let AA+ Lawn and Landscape Give Your Lawn the Makeover it Deserves!

We are excited about the opportunity to serve your vision of having the most beautiful yard for miles around. Suppose you are searching for Lansing landscaping professionals you can trust to deliver superior landscaping services. In that case, AA+ Lawn and Landscape is ready to serve you.

Let us impress you with how well we know our stuff and our value of having loyal customers who know they can depend on us. Allow us to use our skills to transform the landscape surrounding your home! Please pick up the phone today and find out how our landscaping experts can beautify your home and make you proud!