Stop Erosion in its Tracks

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Is your home built on a slope? As water runs down an incline, it can wash away dirt, eroding your landscape. A retaining wall installation can put a stop to this problem while also increasing your yard's visual appeal.

AA+ Lawn & Landscape can build a stone wall to your specifications. Maybe you'd prefer a different material for your retaining wall. We also work with Unilock, Rosetta and HIGH FORMAT hardscape products. Our team will evaluate your yard and develop a plan before the work begins so you can rest assured you'll end up with a retaining wall that's attractive and durable.

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3 benefits of retaining walls

Many people use hardscaping to improve their yard. You might choose to add a retaining wall to your property because they...

  • Help keep soil in place and prevent erosion
  • Reduce the risk of flooding and sink holes
  • Create useable beds of lands for planting

You can turn your rolling, uneven landscape into a structured, organized work of art with a beautiful stone wall. Call 517-515-2424 to find out more about retaining walls in Williamston, Michigan.